What does the ‘UAV’ in SWARM UAV stand for?

The UAV stands for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

What licensing and insurance does SWARM UAV hold?

SWARM UAV are fully licensed as Commercial Aviators by the Australian Cilvil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). We are insured by QBE insurance

There has been reports in the media about ‘Drones’ and privacy concerns, where does SWARM UAV stand.

SWARM UAV supports everyones right to privacy. We follow all guidelines set out in the Australian Privacy Act. When operating in a residential or built up area, we have fliers and information on hand to provide any concerned residents. At the end of the day SWARM UAV are a professional team, onsite to capture content for our clients.

Are there any laws and restrictions that need to be abided by?

Yes, there are a number of restrictions imposed by CASA on UAV operators, all in the best interest of safety. There is a limit to the hight we can fly to, there are restricted airspaces, certain areas require written approval from CASA prior to a flight going ahead. Our teams complete a detailed risk assessment prior to each job. If a flight is not safe, it will not take place.

I have a friend that owns a Hobby Drone and Go Pro, why can’t they film my event, promotion or real estate video for me?

Operating with commercial intent without the proper licensing from CASA is illegal, with fines running into the thousands. Do not hire or work with an aerial business that does not hold an Operators Certificate from CASA. If the content to be filmed will be used commercially it must be filmed by a licensed aviator.

What is the payment policy at SWARM UAV?

Due to the large amount of work and man hours that happens prior to our aircraft lifting off the ground, all work requires a deposit in advance. This depends on the size of the job, and the amount of travel involved.

What kind of involvement do I have as a Client, Director, Brand Manager?

The SWARM UAV Team exist to bring your story, event, or creative vision to life. The most effective way to do this is to have a firm idea of the content required prior to film. We can work with you to develop storyboards, shot list, and are always happy to discuss where we can fit into a larger production, for TVCs, Music Videos, Event Coverage etc